The E-vita OPEN PLUS hybrid stent graft system allows a one-stage treatment of complex thoracic aortic diseases through the combination of surgical and endovascular treatment.

The stent graft section treats the surgically inaccessible part of the thoracic aorta. The woven vascular graft section allows secure fixation and serves as a link to the classical vascular reconstruction of the aortic arch.

Many years of clinical data confirm the efficiency and safety of this product and treatment concept. The one-piece implant guarantees a continuous and seamless transition between the woven vascular graft section and the stent graft section. Impregnation or preclotting can be dispensed with thanks to the blood-tight woven polyester fabric. The suture collar facilitates a tension-free and flexible anastomosis between the stent graft and the aortic wall. The stent graft configuration also impresses with its high flexibility and optimal radial force, together with excellent kink resistance and longitudinal stability.


The following indications can be treated using E-vita OPEN PLUS

  • Acute aortic dissections Stanford type A
  • Complex aortic dissections Stanford type B
  • Extensive aortic aneurysms
  • Chronic extensive aortic dissections



E-vita OPEN PLUS - Stentgraft

Vascular graft section

Stent graft section

Primarily blood-tight fabric without impregnation or preclotting

Suture collar for simple anastomosis and to offset differences in diameter

Delivery system

Delivery system

E-vita OPEN PLUS - Einführsystem

Inflatable and deflatable tip for gentle vascular access

Squeeze-to-Release mechanism for controlled release

Short delivery system for simple handling



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