FlowWeave PLUS

The FlowWeave PLUS vascular grafts are manufactured using a special weaving technique which minimizes porosity of the graft, giving excellent haemostatic results. The FlowWeave PLUS vascular grafts are primarily blood-tight without impregnation or preclotting.

FlowWeave PLUS is available as a tube graft without side branches or with 1 or 4 side branches. The side branches enable sequential reconnection of arteries and restoration of blood flow. Product variants with one side branch enable, for example, the reconstruction of an efferent vessel or as a perfusion port. Product variants with four side branches enable, for example, the reconstruction of the aortic arch, including the supraaortic vessels. When used in the thoracoabdominal area, the renal arteries as well as the superior mesenteric artery and the celiac artery can be reconstructed with the abdominal aorta.



FlowWeave PLUS - Prothese

Primarily blood-tight without impregnation or

High degree of dilatation resistance and conformability

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