The E-xl aortic stent was especially designed for the treatment of lesions in the aorta descendens, particularly in cases of dissections or stenosis. The E-XL can ideally be applied in the scope of established endovascular therapies as well as a palliative therapy solution for Vena Cava Syndrome.

The closed-cell structure on both ends of the unique stent design provides optimal vessel fixation and avoidance of stent migration. Ideal flexibility and therefore ideal conformability to the vessel’s anatomy is guaranteed by the open-cell structure in the middle of the E-xl.

The E-xl delivery system is characterized by the proven Squeeze-to-Release deployment mechanism which allows easy and precise handling.



Open-cell design for maximum flexibility

Closed-cell design for secure fixation

5 tantalum markers at each end for excellent visibility

Double-flared configuration

Single-flared configuration

Delivery system

Delivery system

E-xl - Einführsystem

Conical tip for atraumatic vessel access

Catheter sizes starting at 12F for easy insertion in the vessel

Squeeze-to-Release mechanism for easy and precise release


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