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EACTS Annual Meeting, Barcelona

Come to the EACTS Annual Meeting in Barcelona and join the Great Debate at the JOTEC Lunch Symposium.

Traditionally the annual EACTS meeting takes place at the beginning of October and this year’s host is the beautiful city of Barcelona. It has become also a tradition that JOTEC supports the scientific program of the meeting with a high class lunch symposium about “E-vita OPEN PLUS” the most proven Frozen Elephant Trunk Hybrid Stent Graft, with a clinical track record of 11 years now.

Moderated by Prof. Carlos Mestres from the Cleveland Hospital in Abu-Dhabi, renowned experts of aortic surgery, like Prof. Aung Oo, Liverpool, Prof. Martin Grabenwöger, Vienna, Prof. Heinz Jakob, Essen, Prof, Kazimierz Widenka, Rzeszów and Dr. Giampiero Esposito will discuss about the “Status Quo and trends in the FET procedure”. In order to make the discussion most interactive and valuable for the participants your personal experiences and input is highly appreciated.

The Lunch symposium is taking place at Room 118/119 on the 1st floor on Monday 3rd October, 12:45 – 14:00 h. Of course there will be lunch boxes handed out for every attendee.



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