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1,000 E-liac stent grafts implanted

E-liac is an innovative iliac side branch stent graft system for endovascular treatment of aorto-iliac aneurysm and isolated iliac aneurysm to preserve blood flow into the internal iliac artery. It extends JOTEC’s already extensive product range for endovascular treatment of vascular diseases. Since the worldwide market launch in early 2014 more than 1,000 patients have been treated with the E-liac Stent Graft System.

The 1,000th case was performed in August 2016 at the Sankt Getrauden Hospital Berlin in Germany by Dr. Schönenberg and his interventional team. The patient was a 66 years old male with 4.6 cm aneurysm in the left common iliac artery. An aneurysmatic internal iliac artery was bridged by two JOTEC balloon expandable E-ventus BX stent grafts. The intervention was performed under general anaesthesia and the fluoroscopic time was 14 min and only 22 ml contrast media was needed. “The case was a straight forward procedure and the E-liac stent graft could be safely placed. The side branch of the endograft is automatically orientated and thus the canalization of the internal iliac artery very fast. The postoperative course was uneventful. We are very pleased with JOTEC’s E-liac stent graft and it has become our standard device for treatment of iliac aneurysms.” stated Dr. Schönenberg.


Fig1. First angiogram showing left CIA aneurysm (le), canalization of the aneurysmatic IIA (mi), final angiogram with successful exclusion of the aneurysm (ri).

The E-liac stent graft is an iliac side branch device and features numerous innovative technical solutions like the unique asymmetric spring configuration to achieve high 3D flexibility while maintaining appropriate longitudinal stiffness. This allows high vessel adaption even in angulated iliac arteries. A free standing side branch with distal compression stent as well as excellent X-ray visibility are further important features of the stent graft. Various configurations in diameter and lengths are available for choosing the right product for best individual treatment of the patient. A low profile 18F catheter is used for the delivery system offering excellent pushability and enhanced flexibility without risk of kinking. The delivery system was adapted for cross-over manoeuvres and is equipped with the well proven Squeeze-to-Release deployment mechanism for stepwise or continuous release of the stent graft.

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