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Great attendance at the E-vita OPEN PLUS Experts Meeting

More than 80 cardiothoracic surgeons discussed the latest trends and techniques of Frozen Elephant Trunk Procedure at the 2nd E-vita OPEN PLUS Experts Meeting in Hechingen.

For the second time JOTEC organized the E-vita OPEN PLUS Experts Meeting in the company’s headquarters in Hechingen. More than 80 cardiac and thoracic surgeons from all over Europe but also from Columbia and Abu Dhabi . Topics covered by the agenda were temperature management, management of supraaortic vessels during FET procedure as well as general tipps&tricks. Thanks to profound presentations by renowned and experienced experts huge lively and fruitful discussion with all participants were achieved confirming the success of the meeting.

Participants appreciated besides to get an insight into the manufacturing site as well as an E-vita OPEN PLUS wet lab with the experts.

On behalf of JOTEC we would like to say thank you to all attendees, speaker and chairmen for their contribution to making this symposium a great success.