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E-vita THORACIC 3G- Even more therapeutical flexibility

The E-vita THORACIC 3G Stent Graft family gets updated by new 42 mm stent graft diameter and 100 mm stent graft lengths to broaden up therapeutical flexibility.

The E-vita THORACIC 3G Stent Graft System is equipped with the unique Triple-P Catheter Technology, which sets the benchmark in terms of delivery system flexibility and trackability.

E-vita THORACIC 3G Stent Graft System is a thoracic stent graft system indicated for thoracic disease including but not limited to aneurysms and dissections of the descending aorta. The product matrixhas been enlarged by further stent graft diameters and length in order to give surgeons more flexibility and possibilities to choose the adequate stent graft for patient’s anatomy.

A stent graft diameter of 42 mm has been implemented in various stent graft lengths to the portfolio as well as a full range of 100 mm stent grafts lengths. By addition of these new configurations to the standard product portfolio JOTEC persists with the strategy that the stent grafts have to adapt to the native aorta and not the other way around. This strategy also correlates to the wide range of tapered stent graft configurations, which are part of the E-vita THORACIC 3G Stent Graft portfolio and go up to 10 mm of tapering from proximal to distal end of the stent grafts.